The Diplomatic Admission is a special admission process for members of the diplomatic corps (extended to family members) who is on a diplomatic mission, for members of international organizations who have diplomatic privileges or immunity, or for employees working under a technical or cultural cooperation agreement. This admission is granted to nationals of countries which offer Brazilians reciprocity on the matter.

Application Procedures

Applicants must request that the institution they work for write a Request Letter to the Coordenação-Geral de Privilégios e Imunidades (CGPI) of the Brazilian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MRE). This body of our Ministry will asses the request and, in case of approval, will inform the Secretaria de Educação Superior (SESu) of the Ministry of Education, which will authorize the admission.

The University of Brasilia will only accept the student after receiving a Requisition from the SESu/MEC.

After UnB has received the Requisition, it will inform the student to report to its Secretaria de Administração Acadêmica, with the following documents:

  • certificate of graduation of High School, with equivalence attested by the Conselho de Educação do DF;
  • copy of the passport or diplomatic identification;
  • administration fee receipt.

Please note

Students admitted by Diplomatic Admission are subjected to UnB rules.

Applicants must observe UnB's "Academic Calendar". If a Requisition is received after the start of the semester, the student will only be allowed to start the program in the subsequent semester. Therefore, the applicant must be aware of the time needed for the whole process to be finished and ask for a Request Letter in due time.

In case of transference of the diplomatic employee, family members may finish their programs, if they wish, provided they ask for a visa conversion for the required visa (VITEM IV).

Students admitted by diplomatic admission may request credit transfer from other institution if they have already studied part of an undergraduate program. 

Legal Provisions

Decreto nº 89.758, de 06/06/84.

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