International Visiting Students are students who wish to undertake academic activities at UnB under the supervision of a Professor. This type of application is aimed at students who are not eligible for the exchange program or internship stays.


Application Process

Applicants must fill out the application form and send to the e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. the following documents:




b) Passport;

c) Transcript of Records from the Home Institution;

d) Introduction Letter by the Home Institution;

e) CV;

f) A Letter of Financial Support which details the origin of the funds that will be used by the applicant to finance their expenses during their stay at the University of Brasilia. This letter must be signed either by the applicant or by a third person, if the applicant will not fund the stay themselves;

g) An Activity Plan approved by the relevant person at the Home Institution and by a professor at the University of Brasilia. This plan must detail the activities to be developed, the duration of the stay and the expected workload.


After sending the documents, the student has to wait for the Admission Letter. After that, the student has to go to INT/UnB, before the term starts, based on the Academic Calendar, to register at the university and start the classes.



The list with all courses offered by UnB can be found at this link.


Upon the arrival at UnB, the Exchange student must submit the following documents to INT/UnB staff: 

a) Passport (original and photocopy);

b) CPF;

c) Student visa VITEM IV – Temporary visa IV;

d) International health insurance (original and photocopy).


All the documents must be sent in Portuguese, English or Spanish.

ATENÇÃO – As informações, as fotos e os textos podem ser usados e reproduzidos, integral ou parcialmente, desde que a fonte seja devidamente citada e que não haja alteração de sentido em seus conteúdos. Crédito para textos: nome do repórter/Secom UnB ou Secom UnB. Crédito para fotos: nome do fotógrafo/Secom UnB.