Admission process for people with recognized refugee status can request a special entry at UnB.  



A person declared a refugee by the Comitê Nacional para Refugiados (Conare) may apply to be admitted as a regular student in undergraduate programs, as established in art. 1 of Law No. 9,474/1997.  

An individual who meets at least one of the following conditions will not be accepted as a refugee: 

I. does not benefit from refugee status for complying with art. 3 of Law No. 9,474/1997; 

II. completed high school in Brazil; 

The decision on the acceptance of admission as a refugee is the responsibility of the Câmara de Ensino de Graduação – CEG, based on a detailed opinion of the Collegium of the corresponding Undergraduate Program 

In order to meet the requirements for admission to the requested undergraduate program, remaining places resulting from dismissal, transfer of students to other IES or remaining from the entrance exam will be used, that is, there must be a place in the intended program 

The refugee will only be able to obtain a place at UnB, in this condition, for a single time and will have the same rights and duties as other students at UnB, observing the statutory and regimental norms and resolutions 

The presentation of supporting documentation of schooling corresponding to high school in the Brazilian educational system is an essential part of the analysis of the refugee admission application. In the absence of schooling documentation, it will be up to CONARE to certify the required schooling or it will be up to the candidate to submit to the admission methods provided by UnB.  

To apply, the student will fill out the "general request" form, attach the documents listed and send it to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  



 For information on how to request refuge admission, click here 


For information on the procedures to apply for a place at UnB, contact the Decanato de Ensino de Graduação 




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