INT divisions - roles and competencies




  • To carry out the strategic function of UnB’s internationalization;
  • To promote internal alliances with Deans, Institutes, Colleges, Centers, Academic and Student Coordinations;
  • To promote external liaison with Foreign Embassies in Brazil, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Education, Presidency of the Republic, Foreign Universities and funding agencies;
  • To implemente Government Policies;
  • To represent the Rector in national and international events;
  • To promote technical visits to partner universities in countries in all the continents;
  • To advise the Rector on international issues.



  • To provide the Direction with technical advice in all INT's areas of activity;
  • To prepare documents such as: reports, memorandums and letters for the Rector;
  • To evaluate the civil servants, interns and fellows;
  • To represent the Rector on courtesy visits to international committees, embassies, ministries, international organizations;
  • To represent UnB in meetings, in national and international events, in national and international trips;
  • To organize and carry out projects involving international events, such as conferences, seminars, lectures, exhibitions;
  • To disseminate information regarding opportunities to study abroad, scholarships for masters, doctorates and research. 




  • To manage financial and human resources, such as vacations, attendance records, archives and patrimony;
  • To supervise the application of the Institutional Development Plan (IDP);
  • To represent INT in national and international meetings and events;
  • To assist the Direction.



  • To prepare international cooperation agreements;
  • To negotiate the rules of the agreement with UnB’s academic areas and with International Institutions;
  • To attend meetings with foreign delegations;
  • To represent INT in national and international meetings and events;
  • To draft and analyze agreements;
  • To provide technical advice;
  • To analyze double degree (cotutelle) agreements;
  • To write, review and translate documents in different languages. 




  • To select UnB students to participate in exchange programs;
  • To receive and guide international students at UnB;
  • To negotiate, with international partners, the positions offered by the bilateral agreements signed with the Brazilian Supreme Federal Court, Capes/Fipse, Capes/Brafitec, among others;
  • To represent INT in meetings, on national and international trips;
  • To write, review and translate documents in several languages.




  • To manage the Federal Government Policies in the educational field, such as the MARCA Program;
  • To guide the students participating in these programs;
  • To select students for housing, Merit Scholarship (MRE), Promisaes Scholarship, Emergency Scholarship;
  • To supervise the students' academic development;
  • To supervise and monitor lodging requests for international students of the special programs;
  • To represent INT in national and international meetings and events.
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