Double-degree is the modality in which the student does a part of their program (undergraduate or graduate) at UnB and another part abroad and receives degrees from both institutions. The double degree is an agreement signed between a program at UnB and a respective course at the host university. Interested students should seek the coordination of the respective program 





1) Architecture and Urbanism - with the Polytechnic of Turin, Italy. Know more 

2) Aerospace Engineering - with the Institut National des Sciences Appliquées Rouen Normandie, France, with the option of Mechanical Engineering or Energy and Propulsion 

3) Electronic Engineering - with the École Nationale Supérieure D'Ingenieurs de Caen, France;  



1) Master's in Administration - with the Universidad Nacional del Litoral, Argentina.  

2) Master's in Literature - with the Université de Nantes, France  

3) Master's in Social, Work and Organizational Psychology - with the Universitat de València; Università di Bologna; Universidade de Coimbra; Universitat de Barcelona; Spain, Italy and Portugal. Know more 


Students from other graduate programs can apply for a double degree through another modality: the cotutelle, a modality in which the student receives degrees from universities through co-supervision of a dissertation or thesis. More information about cotutelle for international students. More information about cotutelle for UnB students.

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